Ashley is 10 cans deep (5 liters of beer) | Later than usual| Ashley circumvents A.I image generators with lofty language prompts| Robocop shooting a buncha guys in the cock| Harry Potter: and the deathly weapons| Bill Burr’s MASSIVE series of BOMBS on Conan Obrien| Ashley’s mom is absolutely catty absolutely crazy, drinking absolut| Black man reacts to Hitler| HANKSgiving millenial cringe| TMZ’s hitpiece on JohnK & Coal Black Cartoon| Geert Wilders, controlled opposition| Ashley’s TUCKER segment| Shad A.I tries to convince us he is an artist| TITBOY!

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jakelaser · December 5, 2023 at 6:00 PM

If I wanted to visit a muslim country, I’d choose one with a warmer climate than The Netherlands

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