MEMBERS ONLY -PRESHOW reggae analysis > SKIP 25:12| ASH’s WARM CHAT WELCOME| ACCEPTING THE WARM GIFT OF LOVE!| revisiting Starfield consoomer| STARWARS’s POGS and consoomer idolatry| JORDAN PETERSON mugshot drawing| Butch Killigan COMING SOON! subscribe to the mailinglist!| BLM performance| WE GET (temporarily) KICKED off youtube| Svencel Airport Prayer rooms| The most insufferable C*NT Ever!| TITBOY GOES TO ENGLAND part 3 ( of 4?) | this and much more,enjoy!

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SKIP PRESHOW: 10:45 | Sven & Ash are FRIENDS!| Falling of the wagon| A regular day in PROUDsterdam- SLAY!| ethan klein’s dog’s physiogemy check| BanTheADL hastag!| mitch mcconnell GLITCH| Michael Rapaport most kickable guy| Delivery Bots uprising| Black toilet quisine| Floyd| STARFIELD Escapist cringe| Escapist consoomer emberrases himself| SVEN YOUTH STORIES| (playstation Demo discs) | Not feeling anything for RDR2’s lemmy, BUT lemmy Killmister RULES!| TITBOY goes to england continues, we continue to watch Sargon Read more…


Liz JOINS- Skip pre 7:50- 🎮🔥 EPIC GAMER ALERT 🚨🎮 What’s up, my fellow joystick jugglers?! 🕹️🤡 Get ready to dive headfirst into the misty streets of Silent Hill 2! Watch as I navigate the creepy corridors and face-off against some of the most “nope” inducing monsters gaming has ever seen. 😱👾 Think you’ve seen it all? Think again! Today, we’re blending OG horror vibes with next-level epic gamer fails. Ever seen a pro gamer Read more…


Ash and Sven are drinkin a few fellaz, while we watch a video of Alex Jones proffesing his love for Transexual icon Blaire White/ We watch titboy goes to england/ Sven & Ash’s epic CHESS -off/ Twitch ALT-TRUISM


skip preshow 5:34 – JT joins us! We give alleged pedo Ali Alexander a physiognomy check! Later we watch listener submitted GROSS-OUT videos- this and much more! enjoy!


SKIP PRESHOW: 8:30 / T-ZONE is here! new cartoon cohosts / Nick Fuentes and Ralphamale recaps / is Fuentes GAY?!/ Nick’s queer date with a catboy?!/ Ali Alexander is a predatory piranha!! / Leafy got bullied off the internet by Idubbbz ( who is himself mega cringe) – Only to come back to get RALPHAMALED!/ Is Ethan Ralph the top in this SEKTOR?!/ We draw a caricature of LEAFY’s LEAKED NUDES!/ This and much more!


Testing new hardware !!MIC AUDIO IS FUCKED!! TESST STREAM- we are figuring out all the new software/hardware. LETSPLAY’; we are playing max payne 3, discussing daily events. SVEN and ASH meetup? the crowdfunding of the SUIT commences.


[ skip preshow: 12:24] GAY PRIDE MONTH commences- We watch discord suggested PRIDE videos- one more degenerate than the other. WE unfold the subversive ESG plot of Corporate social engineering [ Larry FINK-le stein] Black rock influence. This and much more!

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let’s play phantasmagoria

Join us as we play Phantasmagoria, a classic 90s point-and-click adventure game that will have you on the edge of your seat. We’ll guide you through the game’s thrilling storyline and help you navigate the challenges and puzzles that lie ahead. ALL PARTS BELOW! [ edited by the wonderful Liz]