SKIP PRESHOW: 15:20] HUNGOVER gore encounters| BUTCH KILLIGAN Pre-Launch| Gaza conflix paradroppin’ action!|JAZZA deepdive; The most successful yet MID artist- PLAGUED by GUILT [ IMPOSTER SYNDROME] EDWARD HOPPER + SUDOWOODO| TWITCH alt-truism – Twitch love raids ( it doesn’t go great) | African WATER FLEXin| TITBOY GOES TO afghanistan pt2 | Voldo and Kabal appreciation| s-signing off?… GO CHECK THE BUTCH KILLIGAN PRE-LAUNCH PAGE:


SKIP PRESHOW: 13:51- Gargling Hobo Cum| Ashley has been getting into THE EXORCIST| Asian woman activates on NYC subway| We DRAW racist asian lady| governor chris christie goes NUCLEAR! | Cuck priest washes black mans feet, while feeling massive amounts of white-guilt | Kitler | Simply Nude; Dutch tv show about undressing infront of kids | Congress negress | Titboy goes to england 4!| Russel Brand’s micro penis + micro penis archetype| Titboy goes to Read more…

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MEMBERS ONLY -PRESHOW reggae analysis > SKIP 25:12| ASH’s WARM CHAT WELCOME| ACCEPTING THE WARM GIFT OF LOVE!| revisiting Starfield consoomer| STARWARS’s POGS and consoomer idolatry| JORDAN PETERSON mugshot drawing| Butch Killigan COMING SOON! subscribe to the mailinglist!| BLM performance| WE GET (temporarily) KICKED off youtube| Svencel Airport Prayer rooms| The most insufferable C*NT Ever!| TITBOY GOES TO ENGLAND part 3 ( of 4?) | this and much more,enjoy!

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SKIP PRESHOW: 10:45 | Sven & Ash are FRIENDS!| Falling of the wagon| A regular day in PROUDsterdam- SLAY!| ethan klein’s dog’s physiogemy check| BanTheADL hastag!| mitch mcconnell GLITCH| Michael Rapaport most kickable guy| Delivery Bots uprising| Black toilet quisine| Floyd| STARFIELD Escapist cringe| Escapist consoomer emberrases himself| SVEN YOUTH STORIES| (playstation Demo discs) | Not feeling anything for RDR2’s lemmy, BUT lemmy Killmister RULES!| TITBOY goes to england continues, we continue to watch Sargon Read more…


Liz JOINS- Skip pre 7:50- 🎮🔥 EPIC GAMER ALERT 🚨🎮 What’s up, my fellow joystick jugglers?! 🕹️🤡 Get ready to dive headfirst into the misty streets of Silent Hill 2! Watch as I navigate the creepy corridors and face-off against some of the most “nope” inducing monsters gaming has ever seen. 😱👾 Think you’ve seen it all? Think again! Today, we’re blending OG horror vibes with next-level epic gamer fails. Ever seen a pro gamer Read more…


Ash and Sven are drinkin a few fellaz, while we watch a video of Alex Jones proffesing his love for Transexual icon Blaire White/ We watch titboy goes to england/ Sven & Ash’s epic CHESS -off/ Twitch ALT-TRUISM


skip preshow 5:34 – JT joins us! We give alleged pedo Ali Alexander a physiognomy check! Later we watch listener submitted GROSS-OUT videos- this and much more! enjoy!


SKIP PRESHOW: 8:30 / T-ZONE is here! new cartoon cohosts / Nick Fuentes and Ralphamale recaps / is Fuentes GAY?!/ Nick’s queer date with a catboy?!/ Ali Alexander is a predatory piranha!! / Leafy got bullied off the internet by Idubbbz ( who is himself mega cringe) – Only to come back to get RALPHAMALED!/ Is Ethan Ralph the top in this SEKTOR?!/ We draw a caricature of LEAFY’s LEAKED NUDES!/ This and much more!


Testing new hardware !!MIC AUDIO IS FUCKED!! TESST STREAM- we are figuring out all the new software/hardware. LETSPLAY’; we are playing max payne 3, discussing daily events. SVEN and ASH meetup? the crowdfunding of the SUIT commences.