Sven Streams S2E02

SVEN STREAMS S2E02: The most offensive art stream on the net! SKip Preshow @10:01 gina carano gets frired from the mandalorian, and neckbeards now pretend to care. Jesus christ’s the passion deserves a remake that puts more emphasis on suffering. retard/pregnant mario, nostalgia critic, jew wario, linkara are gay.

Sven Streams S2E01

SVEN STREAMS IS BACK Go to for stream archive. Art Stream, Sven streams is back for it’s second season, after a failed cancelation attempt. During this first season 2 svencast, we discuss FLOYDCOIN and ofcourse rectify history by blackwashing historical figures. this and much more.


SVEN STREAMS Returns this february. After many failed cancelation attempts, and several strikes and bannings / SVEN STREAMS IS BACK We have strengthened our defences and are fully prepared this time. Subscrive to Dlive and Twitch to get a notification when we go live. Dlive:

The viral Biden toon

Joe Biden says the darndest things Cartoon. This one went viral with millions of views across all platforms. Joe rogan, Dave Rubin, and even Donald Trump Jr ended up retweeting it.

THAT viral Corona cartoon

The infamous corona video that caused alloooooot of trouble.Meant to be an artistic personification of the deadly corona virus that originated in china, people were not pleased with this silly cartoon depiction, resulting in many deaththreats.

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Chip Chipperson Cartoon ep2; Miss Melbini

Second Chip toon made for Jim Norton. Chip tells an all too familiar, sad tale of a teacher who takes advantage of a vulnerable lad. Chip, Cristina and Anthony lead the star studded cast in this sexy coming of age story. With special guest star Ira as Mr. Melbini.